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7 Essential Tips for Remarriage

1. The Name Game When it comes to second marriages, invitation wording can be downright baffling. Perhaps your friends only know you by your married name? But using your first husband's surname just doesn't seem right to you. Bottom line: Use whichever moniker makes you feel most comfortable. If you're...read more

Posted Wednesday 9/9/2009


Styles for the Second-Time Bride

There is one great benefit to getting married again -- experience. You're older, wiser, you know how to compromise (the secret to any relationship). What you probably don't know is what to wear. The answer? Whatever you want. A pale pink sheath? Sure. An A-line in ivory? You bet. A full white ball gown...read more

Posted Wednesday 9/9/2009


Getting Started With Your Second Wedding

Getting remarried? Congratulations! This time around, anything goes. If your last wedding was in city hall, have the grand gala of your dreams. Prefer an intimate party with friends and family? That's okay, too. Children are often a common addition to second (or third or fourth) weddings, making this...read more

Posted Wednesday 9/9/2009


A Second Wedding Bride's Wedding Checklist

Just because it's not your first time down the aisle doesn't meaning that there's any less planning involved! We've compiled a must-read checklist to get you ready for your walk down the aisle. 12 or more months before: Decide on your wedding size and start drawing up your guest list. If you have...read more

Posted Wednesday 9/9/2009


Q&A: How do I word second wedding invitations? Who gets invited?

From announcing your second engagement to whom to invite to the ceremony, we’ve got the answers to your remarrying questions. Q: We're getting married in July and this will be the second marriage for both of us. When I mentioned invitations to my mother, she was appalled that I was even considering...read more

Posted Wednesday 9/23/2009



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